The Association Academos held a press conference in the Rose Room of the City of Arezzo illustrating the progress of the work done and the tables drawn up by the architect Julia Chiti during his thesis. In more insights on the area in 1000 we were shown through research 3d and the use of modern technologies of relief. Finally we were introduced the first geological studies on the main areas of the Hill.


Prof. Franco Dringoli Councillor Public Works.
Prof. Giorgio Verdiani head of the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence.
Geologist Serena di Grazia.
Arch. Giulia Chiti graduate thesis research on the Hill of Pionta.
Arch. Angela Mancuso.
Arch Iacopo Giannini.
Arch Mirco Pucci.
Dr. Silvia Vilucchi or delegate the Ministry of Heritage and Culture Superintendency for Archaeological Heritage of Tuscany and the National Archaeological Museum Cilnio Gaius Maecenas of Arezzo.
Dr. Serena Nocentini delegated by the Archbishop as a director for the Cultural Heritage and Sacred Art of the Diocese of Arezzo-Cortona- Sansepolcro.
Dr. Mauro Mariottini president of the Cultural Academos.