… Or when art meets a patron. The tax incentive introduced by the decree Culture allows a tax credit equal to 65% of the amount donated for those who make donations in support of the cultural heritage of Italian public. Here’s how to become patrons



The Cultural Association Academos “Roberta Pellegrini” has been named by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism dealership researches and archaeological excavations area Pionta-Old Cathedral Arezzo. The same association has presented, attached to the application for Grant, an overall economic plan for the year 2016 reported 46,000.00 for excavation and research-action conservation-restoration of movable and immovable property recovered. Of this figure, they may qualify for a tax credit equal to 65%, as provided in Art bonuses, only the liberal donations destined to the conservation and restoration of movable and immovable property recovered and not those intended for digging. Therefore, the total amount of donations which give the right to tax benefits provided for in Art bonuses amounted to 14,000.00 as per estimate attached to the application of the Concession. As for the remaining amount you should refer to the legislation governing sponsorships, donations and contributions in kind.

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payment details

Entity name – Associazione Culturale Academo “Roberta Pellegrini”
Current bank account n 372014 – Banca Valdichiana
IBAN: IT97 I084 8914 1010 0000 0372 014
Causale: “Art Bonus – Erogazione Liberale per Nome Ente, Nome Oggetto dell’erogazione liberale, Codice fiscale o P. Iva del mecenate”


Individuals and entities that do not carry out business activities will bring the deduction in the tax return. The business income instead bring in compensation.


To become a patron must select the action, contact the recipient to arrange the details of supply, perform the payment with traceable manner and keep the receipt with the evidence of the causal “Art bonuses – Body Beneficiary – Subject disbursement”.


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According to data presented by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the modern patron were mainly individuals (73%), followed by companies (20%) and bodies (6%). Individuals have donated an average of 1,670 euro, enterprises 167,290 euro and 132,152 euro bodies.

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