The history of the Hill Pionta was presented and told the international conference in Vienna CHNT. In particular here it was explored two themes concerning the Temple of San Donato, the first Cathedral of Arezzo, whose research and one of the main objectives of the scientific research conducted by the Association Academos, and the Church of Santo Stefano and Santa Maria, of which we can see the remains in Area 1000 visiting Colle Pionta.

Temple of San Donato

Presentation of the hypothesis reconstructive dimensional

St. Stephen’s and Santa Maria

Presentation of the course of studies done on the area and dimensional reconstructive hypothesis of the Church, with display of the mosaic floor.


Study conducted by Academos Association in collaboration with the University of Florence

Temple San Donato: Prof. Giorgio Verdiani, Dott. Mauro Mariottini, Arch. Mirco Pucci

St. Stephen’s and Santa Maria Church: Dott. Mauro Mariottini, Arch. Iacopo Giannini, Arch. Angela Mancuso