After a period of study and research we are happy to present another milestone, the beginning of the intervention of archaeological excavation and restoration and the safe removal of movable and immovable artifacts unearthed at Pionta Colle di Arezzo.

The 1st Step of the work will be divided thus:

  1. GPR surveys: June 27, – July 1, 2016 carried out by British experts from the University of Southampton;
  2.  Excavation: July 12-August 5 2016 intervention Director Prof. Alessandra Molinari University of Tor Vergata in Rome.

The working group, headed by Prof. A. Molinari, will consist of three expert archaeologists, three university students, three specialized technicians and reliefs from any selected volunteers.
Officer from the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism Dr. Silvia Vilucchi.

For info:

Associazione Culturale Academo
Sede legale: Corso Italia n. 108 52100 Arezzo
Sede operativa Corso Italia n. 53 52100 Arezzo
Cell. 3356818662

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