Arezzo, 20th March, 9,30 am, Hillock of Pionta, a bright sunny day for the group in charge of the archaeological survey of the ground surface. The group, coordinated by the President of the Association Dr. Mauro Mariottini and the architects Elena Mancuso and Andrea Pasquali, assistants of Prof. Giorgio Verdiani of the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence, and with the collaboration of computer technician Renzo Tavanti, were to carry out aerial and terrestrial surveys of the area using Drones and laser scanners made available by Deltag of Arezzo. Despite the breeze the work was completed successfully to the satisfaction of the entire group of technical staff. The findings were reviewed first by the group with great enthusiasm and satisfaction. Therefore it was decided that the survey could be suspended and adjourned to a later date to work through the findings with the architect Prof. Giorgio Verdiani of the University of Florence, Department of Architecture, as soon as the 3D material was available.